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Welcome to SelfSeeK reciprocal link program. Here we can help each other grow both in rankings and visits!



We check all Web Site Content To ensure that our directory contains valid web sites, we require that any web site listed. contain useful and original content or information. We do not allow web sites that contain only single pages or pages with the sole purpose of manipulating search engines. Web sites using languages other than English may be permitted but you must first contact SelfSeeK.com to see if the web site will be allowed. Only top level domain names are permitted no free hosting domains or sub domains. For example, if your domain name is mydomain.com that's fine.if it's freewhatever/poker/SelfSeeK.com that's not!. In return for using our service, you agree to allow our link to be added on your site or to your link directory in the appropriate category. You may select not to have our links added if you upgrade fees apply. SelfSeeK.com reserves the right to exclude or remove any web site from our linkdirectory which we deem to be in violation of these Terms of use. Abuse Certain types of web sites are not permitted to use the SelfSeeK.com service. We do not allow the web sites containing pornography, racist information, warez downloads, excessive popups, or illegal content. In addition, we do not allow "FFA" or "Link Farm" type sites which contain only keywords/search results for specific terms. Attempts to hide the link to the SelfSeeK.com directory on your home page will also be considered an abuse of our system and will result in the termination of your link. Other abuses of the system include invisible links, robot "no follow" directives, and not including valid anchor text with the link. The title for links to the directory should be one of the following: Links, Link Exchange, Link Partners, Related Links, etc. Any use of single characters or symbols as the title will be considered abuse. . In addition, web sites must be related to the category in which they are listed. You may contact us to report any abuse or illegal use of our services or website. Disclaimer This service is provided "as is" and any expressed or implied warranties, guarantees or link exchanges are disclaimed. Termination of Service SelfSeeK.com reserves the right to terminate service for any link at any time, at our sole discretion. Web sites removed for violating our Terms of use will not receive a refund if using a one way link(upgraded). If you have any questions regarding these Terms of use, please contact us.

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